Carefully Manage Goleta’s Rapid Growth Rate so our supply of essential services such as public safety, water, recreation, libraries and road capacity can keep pace

Ensure Public Safety, adequate and reliable police, fire, water supply and oversight over drilling, extraction and processing of oil

Pursue Fiscal Responsibility by boosting local small businesses and agriculture while controlling city expenses and seeking a revision of the Revenue Neutrality Agreement with Santa Barbara County

Address Regional Challenges, including transportation alternatives to reduce traffic and affordable housing alternatives for seniors and people new to the workforce

Preserve Goleta’s Natural Beauty and Resources, including mountain views, streams, creeks and beaches, precious butterfly and other habitats. At the same time, we must preserve our quality of life.



Goleta City Council

Dear Goleta Neighbors,

Since moving to this area 19 years ago to begin a career at UCSB, I have fallen in love with our young city.  Like most Goletans, I enjoy the proximity to the ocean and the views of the mountains. I appreciate the small town feel and the rich agriculture and history of the Goleta Valley. 

This community is my home, and I am committed to doing what I can to preserve its character and our quality of life. As a lover of the outdoors, I am dedicated to protecting our open spaces and preserving the quality of our environment.  I will act to ensure the safety of our residents and our natural resources.  I will work hard to ensure our city is responsive to our residents’ needs and provides for our basic services.

I would be honored to serve Goleta as a City Councilmember.  I am ready to work hard to preserve and protect the good land that is Goleta.


Kyle Richards




19 Years working at UCSB, including 9 years as a policy analyst

8 Years as a resident of Old Town Goleta, both as a renter and owner

3 Years as Goleta Parks & Recreation Commissioner and Chair 

Masters degree from the Pennsylvania State University

3 Years as member & Chair of the UCSB Transportation Alternatives Board

5 Years as board member, treasurer & Chair of a 200-unit HOA in Goleta

6 Years as board member & Co-Chair  of The Fund for Santa Barbara

​Team Captain and rider for the California AIDS Ride / Life Cycle

Graduate of Leadership Santa Barbara County